What is CoinSpace?
A company that mines top Cryptocurrency on the global market.
We are launching our own coin, the “S-Coin” at the end of this year it will be an open source and will be available on 3 external exchanges.

CoinSpace is also working on 40 plus different projects that will be available after launch, a few examples are Merchant Services, Paper Wallet system, Cash machines etc.

CoinSpace Vision: Introduce a user friendly and safe global payment method system.

How does it work?
As a CoinSpace business partner you join free and purchase a mining package starting from €150 - €300 - €700 - €1500 - € 3000 - €6000 - €12000 or €24000
Invest in the package that you can easily afford, each mining package is for 1 year.

What you get with these packages?
A super computer in the CoinSpace mining headquarters complete system or shared depending on what package you go with.

CoinSpace maintains and manages these computers and mining of all Cryptocurrencies while you earn Coins daily, 365 days a year with zero downtime.

Benefits of being a CoinSpace miner, what you get?
You get profit sharing in the form of S-Coin that you can sell back to CoinSpace on the 14th and 28th of each month without any limits based on €0.50 current rate and that's your residual income.
However if you wait till official launch the coin value will be set at €1 on day of launch with the potential to go much higher once it hits the open market and demand increases.

If you are networker and decide to present this opportunity to others then you get a direct bonus: 20% during the first 45 days and 12% flat after that.
Binary bonus: 50% on volume points.
Matching bonus: 7 level bonus depending on your package.

You can also earn special bonus rewards for strong networking and leadership recognition for example S-Coins, IPAD, iPhone, BMW, Ferrari, Tesla, etc. depends on your volume and qualifications.

Commissions are paid:
75% to your eWallet Cash account.
25% Held Coins account until launch at end of 2016.

How do you get paid?
CoinSpace will issue you a debit card that you fill from your eWallet and reuse as necessary or bank transfer.

How can you pay for a mining package?
Bank Transfer, eWallet or credit card.
Every mining package you purchase will have a 15 day money back guarantee.
All purchases are recorded in your back office account and invoiced for your personal records.

Help & Support:
CoinSpace provides best in class customer support for any and all of your business needs.
As an active miner, networker and leader for CoinSpace U.S. I will provide you with all the training and support you need to be successful in the digital currency world and earn the best possible return on your investment.

So don’t hesitate to sign up free, there’s only a limited amount of space available and the earlier you signup before the global launch the better chance for higher profits.

Join Here: https://coinspacedotcom.coinspace.biz/

Also one tip:
Take your time filling out the simple enrollment form and use your USER NAME as your site replicator. This will assign you your own personal website free that will allow you to monitor your account and sign up new miners and help you earn nice commissions. Once you check off the terms and conditions move to next page scroll to the bottom and choose the free package then click complete enrollment. Once you decide which mining investment is best for you I recommend the largest you can easily afford to maximize profits, hit the shopping cart select BUY PACKAGES select your package finish the checkout and then sit back relax while we do all the work!

That's it
After you’ve signed up or if you need further assistance you can contact me at www.coinspace.com
Email gbose@socal.rr.com or PH (310) 634-4599 or Skype gbose@socal.rr.com

Best Regards,
Greg Bose
CoinSpace U.S.A

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